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Your financial commitment is your greatest motivator. Harness the power of blockchain to lock in your ambition and transform your pledge into progress.

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Key Features at

Create solo challenges or team up with your friends

Whether you’re looking to test yourself or collaborate with others, our platform supports both solo and group challenges to keep you motivated

Create challenges that require check-in on specific periods

Set up periodic check-ins to keep track of your progress and stay on top of your goals.

Create challenges with end goal date only without check-in

Prefer a single deadline? Set an end goal for your challenge without the need for intermediate check-ins.

Assign a verifier to your challenge to validate success or failure of the participants

Ensure the integrity of each challenge with a trusted verifier who confirms the outcomes, making every competition fair and transparent.

All your choice. You decide what happens if you lose a value.

Tailor the outcome of unmet challenges to your preference—whether redistributing funds, contributing to the community, or donating to charity.

Get rewarded with SYD

Complete challenges and earn SYD tokens, enhancing your experience and rewarding your progress, win or lose.

Lock in your pledge in different cryptocurrencies

Secure your commitment by pledging with a variety of cryptocurrencies, ensuring your stakes are flexible and adaptable to your preference.

Upgrade to PRO Account

Elevate your experience by upgrading to SYD Pro and unlock a suite of enhanced features designed to maximize your success and rewards.

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